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The holiday season is not all sugar plums and candy canes; the holidays brings with it a certain amount of stress. Hosting holiday parties, decorating the house, baking holiday treats, and finding the perfect gifts for all your family and friends is hard work. But don’t you worry your pretty little head, Sassafras Street is here to help with our first annual Sassafras Street Gift Guide series. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift for your best friend, boyfriend, Mom, Dad, siblings, you name it! I’ve assembled the cutest holiday gifts on the market to inspire your shopping list. You never know, you might even find a few things to add to your own Wish List!

Each gift guide is inspired by someone in my own life. All of my friends and family have such unique style and completely different personalities, it’s unrealistic to assemble a one size fits all gift guide.  So instead of replicating the generic gift guides that pop up on blogs, in magazines, and in catalogs this time of year, I decided to let you all get to know some of my closest friends and family and check out some of the items on their wish lists!

Inspired by Jenny

Jenny is my roommate and one of my best fwends at UCLA. It’s crazy to think that a little more than a year ago, I barely even knew this lovely lady.  Within a few months of being her roommate we had declared ourselves (Kim included) the “best friends in this whole house (our sorority house).” The rate at which our friendship grew has a lot to do with how open and down to earth Jenny is. Now I feel like I can tell her anything, she knows my most embarrassing stories and I know hers. Jenny is so honest and non-judgmental; it’s hard not to be yourself around her. Next year, she’ll be teaching middle or high school English in Newark New Jersey, I have no doubt that with her down-to-earth charm and caring personality, her students will grow to love her as much as I do. Here’s what I’ve been looking at for Jenny’s Christmas gift this year!

1. Next year Jenny will be headed to the east coast to teach in New Jersey. I’m a little worried that she’ll go to the east coast and never come back to me in good old California, but no matter what happens she’ll always be a California girl. She needs these California and New Jersey silver state charms to remind her of where she comes from and where she’s headed!

2. I don’t know if y’all know, but New Jersey is pretty damn cold. She’ll need these mittens from Kate Spade to keep her fingers all nice and toasty.

3. How cute would her curly hair be sticking out of this furry hat? As you can tell I am a little worried about Jenny being cold next year.

4. That’s my puppy! (In case you didn’t know, our nickname for Jenny is puppy. She looks and acts like a total puppy. Don’t you see the resemblance between Jenny and her puppy Hershey?)

5. Jenny is hip, classic, and effortlessly cool. Just like these hi-top Chucks

6. Penguin socks from Gap. Quirky and cute, just like Jenny!

7. As a future English teacher, Jenny needs this cool literary inspired tote from Out of Print Clothing to transport all her graded papers and class materials to and from her classroom. Apparently Jenny didn’t like the Great Gatsby all that much when she read it. But don’t tell her students that.

8. Jenny gave up skateboarding after she almost ate shit skating to class last year. While Westwood is little too hilly and unsafe to skateboard, I want to fuel her beachy/California hobbies as much as possible in the time I have left with her this year. Don’t worry, I’ll get her a helmet and pads too! Longboard from Sector9.

9. If Jenny were a cosmetic item she would be this rosebud salve. She’s just naturally beautiful, she doesn’t need any fancy makeup or labor-intensive beauty routine to look fresh faced and pretty!

10. Plaid pajama pants from J.Crew

11. Jenny is totally hipster without even realizing it. She’s hip in an understated, effortless kind of way. Just like these Ray Ban Wayfarers.

12. Jenny’s got a boho side to her personal style. This beaded tunic from Free People definitely fits the bill.