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mason jar

Technically these aren’t snow globes, since they aren’t in water. So you don’t get that magical flutter of snow/glitter when you shake them all up. They’re actually more like faux terrariums. But they still make festive and fun decorations or a cute gift for a friend during the holiday season! Plus, they’re a cinch to make.

All you need is a few mason jars of various shapes/sizes, some epsom salt (for the snow) and various small animal figures, mini trees, and pretty much anything your heart desires that will fit into a mason jar. I was on the hunt for some old cars to put in a snow globe, but couldn’t find any in our old toy stash from when we were kids buried deep in our garage. I used some plastic deer, a mini birch bird house with a glittery roof, a toy wheel barrow, fake birds, pine cones, berries and some mini evergreen trees.

So this is how you make ’em. First figure out what you want in your snow globe and position it inside the jar, you can position it on its side, right side up, upside down, really however you please. Don’t be afraid to mess with the stuff you have. I cut trees that were too big down to size with wire clippers and added some glitter to the roof of a wood house to make it work. Heat up your hot glue gun, and place a few droplets on your figures/trees. You’ll want it to stay in place when you store it or move it around. Once the pieces are in place and glued down, add the epsom salt, just enough to make it look nice and frosty inside. Screw on the lid and you’ve got yourself your very own snow globe! Easy as pie!

These make a fun and festive addition to our usual mix of Christmas decorations! I had so much fun making them, I went a little over board, making more than enough to share. Who wouldn’t love to get a hand made snow globe from a friend around the holiday season?