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Many moons ago, a young Katie was desperately trying to keep afloat in her AP Biology class as a Junior in High School. She liked to study in her older brothers room; he was away at college and she liked the extra space to spread out and study in his room. One fateful afternoon, she decided she needed some tunes to fuel her study session, so she turned on the stereo, and listened to the first CD that came on. After months of being ignored in her older brother’s stereo system, the Roxy Music Greatest Hits Album began with the opening guitar riffs of “Virginia Plain.” And so began the most productive study session in all of AP Bio history. Twenty tracks later, Katie was ready for her exam, and mystified by the power of Roxy Music.

It became her weekly tradition, studying Bio while listening to Roxy Music. At first she didn’t particularly even enjoy the songs, but soon she was a full fledged Roxy Music fan girl; Bryan Ferry’s kooky crooning had gotten the better of her. She couldn’t get enough, her ringtone was the beginning of “Pyjamarama” (recorded herself, of course, because apparently Roxy Music isn’t getting a whole lot of ringtone downloads) and every important study session had to be set to Roxy Music’s Greatest Hits almost to the point of superstition. From that fateful afternoon Roxy Music would always have a place in her ipod and her heart.

In summary, listen to this playlist and experience the true wonder of Roxy Music’s Greatest Hits. It will fuel even the most stressful of study sessions and hopefully begin a lifelong love of Bryan Ferry, as it did me. This is my gift to you, use it wisely.