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1.) I spent most of my Friday stressed out in an important interview.  My day was made better only by my beautiful new Vince Camuto blazer, which I bought specially for the occasion. There’s nothing better than looking sharp and feeling sharp in an interview! People who say fashion is foolish have never felt the power of a well put-together outfit.

2.) I got to celebrate finishing this crazy interview process with a delicious lunch with my brother at Craft and Commerce. Get the fried pickles. Trust me. Even if you hate pickles (I do), you’ll love ’em. And don’t act like you’re too cool to enjoy a shamelessly fried menu item.

3.) Decompressing after a long week, I spent my Friday night at home with the family enjoying our signature Trader Joes pizza/arugula salad creation (TJ’s 4 cheese thin crust pizza, topped with arugula and tomatoes mixed in a quick balsamic vinagrette, sprinkled with some parmesan and a little bacon- so freaking good) and Perks of Being a Wallflower.perks pizza

4.) Helped my Mama put her finishing touches on our newly updated laundry room! Ain’t it purdy? My contribution was our new hand painted striped key rack. See my prior DIY for my “Hola, Guapa” sign for how to make one of your own, just at some hooks to the bottom and you’ve got yourself a key rack!
laundry room

5.) Saturday afternoon we all went on a run around Miramar lake. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. Watched the sunset just as we were finishing our run!

6.) After burning some calories on our run, we rewarded ourselves with a yummy dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in San Diego, Hernandez Hideway. This place is off the beaten path, and a little sketchy looking but that’s part of its charm. The food is delicious and the margaritas are strong.

7.) DVR’d UCLA basketaball vs. Arizona. Great game and a Bruin victory at home, what more could ya ask for?

8.) Running errands= free samples at Costco, new belt from Target, and singing along to this song and acting like a wierdo with my Mom in the car. Fun.

9.) Just about to finish out the weekend with the much anticipated History Channel premiere of Vikings. I’ll let ya know if it’s worth watching!