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A day in the mountains has me itching for more time in the great outdoors. Living in LA, I relish the chances I get to get out and enjoy nature. My most recent jaunt to the Santa Inez mountains near Santa Barbara has got me day dreaming about camping gear, flannel, and all things L.L. Bean. Rugged gear with vintage charm, has got a slightly Moonrise Kingdom boy scout camp feel to it. Perfect for camping in style or bringing some outdoorsiness to the big city.

Clockwise from top left:  1.) Canoeing on Lake Vermilion  MN with the big bro back in the day. 2.) Waxed Cotton Continental Rucksack from LL Bean, cute enough to wear around campus. 3.) Maine Guide Shirt from LL Bean, I’d buy a Men’s Small and wear it as a jacket with jeans and boots as it starts getting colder here in CA. 4.) Maine Hunting Shoe from LL Bean, cute for a rainy day in LA or a day out in the woods!  5.) My dream car, a vintage Ford Bronco in cherry red. I WANT. 6.) Fernwood Resort in Big Sur has great camp sites and tent cabins right along a river surrounded by redwoods. I went on a road trip there a few years ago and would definitely recommend it! 7.) Colorful little fishing lures that I’d love to add to my tackle box,  pretty enough to go in my jewelry box as well. From LL Bean. 8.) Eddie Bauer flask in olive green,  sip some liquor while you warm up around the fire 9.) Summer sunset over Lake Vermilion in Minnesota. 10.) Redwoods in Big Sur. 11.) Coleman Steel-belted cooler at LL Bean, a necessity for campsites and back yard barbecues.

All this talk of the great outdoors has gotten me in the mood for some nature-y sounding music, here’s what I’m listening to: 

Deny, Deny, Deny, Joel Plaskett

Brother, Annuals

General Specific, Band of Horses